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Surely among the most fascinating instruments there are, we find the violin. So small and fragile but able to amaze and enchant if used by skilled hands. Who has never, at least once, moved and moved to the sound of a violin? Maybe as a soundtrack of some film, or as an enrichment of some arrangements, or as a soloist. In any way it is able to involve our listening and our musical sensibility.
In this section you will find what is right for you, based on what your needs are. If you want to try and play a violin but you have never put your hands on it you will find the first price ones, that will accompany you for the period of the first steps.If you are already experienced violinists then you can search among those of quality and superior category, so you can improve your level.
Close violin is the Viola, also able to amaze us with romantic or poignant, delicate or aggressive sound nuances. In this section you will find a selection in which you can choose the one that suits you, choosing between price or quality or between both what's this. You will also find a series of accessories necessary for the category, such as spare strings, bows, espaliers, rosins and many others.
If you need help, do not hesitate to contact salespeople, calling or writing an email. They will try to guide you in a conscious and right choice for you!

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