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The score: this unknown !! Unless you are an expert musician or a musician being studied, this is the first thought that could come to your mind when you find yourself in front of a musical score. Do not worry, however, if your dream is to learn to read music, know that there are no limits of age, weight, or social background, just find a good teacher and the mystery will be resolved!
Once you find the key to enter this new world for you, you can access all the scores that we can offer, ranging from the most famous classical music to the score of one or more pieces of young pop artists, Italians and Internationals, or you can enjoy some of the best known jazz standards or test yourself with Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven arpeggio!
If looking for our catalog you do not find what you are looking for, because more rare or more particular, do not hesitate to contact our sales staff, they will be ready to help you in your "search for the lost score" !!
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