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About Us

Where do we start from? Ah yes, but of course! From music ! And from where else? We do not remember exactly how, where and when, but it happened! It 'happened that we were in love of her and as they say, when there is love, there is everything! We grew up with her and we continue to do it today. At a certain point it was no longer enough to listen to it, we had to play it ! And so we did (and we do it again!), Despite this we went even further, we had to do something more ! So the idea came by itself: look for and sell the best musical instruments for the musicians, like us, passionate and a bit "sick", but all lovers of the same Lady: the music !

We started from a small shop of a few square meters, where it was difficult not to step on the feet and where the guitars and basses were just enough to cover the floor, to arrive today at a large exhibition of about 1000 square meters , where guitars and basses , the keyboards , the drums , the amplified speakers , microphones and many other products and tools are sold!

Today, after more than twenty years of activity , we are still here, with the same passion, the same commitment and the same desire to offer the best to our customers, who before to be a customer, we are fellow musicians and who gives it to us inevitably becomes a friend. Under the guidance of Paolo, administrator and owner of tuttostrumentimusicali , we work every day trying to offer our customers not only an instrument, but also advice, opinions, impressions and if we run away, why not, a smile !

If you come to visit us you can visit our store in the two floors that comprise it and you can see, try and buy the instruments on display, with our assistance and guidance.

We are waiting for you, it will be a pleasure to meet you!
Guitars, basses and amplifiers have marked the origins of the store and the Italian musical scene for twenty years. And then also keyboards, drums, sound systems and home recording came. An in-depth, specialized and accurate musical offering for those who love music and live for it. As Oscar Wilde used to say, "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best".

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