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Audio systems

Sound diffusion is guaranteed by audio systems now in any environment, especially in the home where, with the increasing spread of digitization, Wi-Fi networks are increasingly used to spread music and audio thanks to modern voice assistants with artificial intelligence.
From Live to the sound reinforcement of environments such as auditoriums, conference rooms, churches, companies, hotels, museums etc. audio systems play an increasingly important and functional role.
If you are a musician and you have a band, you certainly cannot do without an audio system including mixer, monitor, speakers and microphones or for your rehearsal room or for your Live performances in Pubs or Squares, based on this we offer a wide range of products of various sizes and powers to satisfy every need.
New audio systems with 36 months warranty or used with 1 year warranty.
Active or Passive Audio Systems can be configured easily by consulting our catalog or they can be chosen and designed thanks to the advice of our highly specialized and experienced staff.

Professional Audio Systems

Professional audio systems are composed of high quality speakers, mixers, microphones, cables etc. and designed for professional use, therefore products designed for massive use and especially for a long period.
This is why Professional Audio Systems exploit robust and reference technology and components almost always of the latest generation.
On the other hand, professional audio systems usually have a higher cost than non-professional audio systems or more generally designed for more amateur uses.
In our store you can find a wide range of professional audio systems ready for delivery, both new and used or exposed and ex demo, with a guarantee from 3 years to 1 year.

Audio systems for Live

Live audio systems, unlike those for rehearsal rooms or recording studios or home listening, are used for larger or smaller concerts or simply as an amplification system for events with live music or DJs.
As Live Audio Systems we find Amplified Speakers or portable array amplified systems that are used to amplify through special microphones, groups, musicians, DJs or entertainers who usually need to cover and sound medium or large environments.
Passive and more complex configurations, on the other hand, are used as a large-scale live sound system such as sports halls, stadiums, large auditoriums, etc. and provide for the use of passive speakers or speakers, powered by power amplifiers and always managed by mixers and microphones used precisely to capture sounds and mix them, equalizing them so as to obtain a compact and homogeneous sound.
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