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If you love stringed instruments you can not absolutely love the ukulele. Now a very used instrument also in the records of great international artists such as Eddie Vedder and many others, it is capable of sounds so characteristic as to be immediately perceived and recognized, even by less expert ears.
The ukulele is a musical instrument belonging to the guitars family. It is the Hawaiian adaptation of an instrument of Portuguese origin, called cavaquinho but also called braguinha or machete.
The sound characteristic of the instrument is the strong attack followed by a very fast damping. There are at least five different versions, depending on the length of the keyboard and the size of the body. From the smallest to the largest are: sopranino, soprano, concerto, tenor and baritone. He almost always has four strings.
In this section you can find a selection of the best Ukulele, in different versions, concert, tenor or soprano, simple or amplifiable, according to your needs. You will also find a wide selection of accessories to complement your equipment, such as ropes, tuners or specific ukulele cases.
We have all the best brands of Ukulele on the market, from Kala, Makala to Crafter, Ortega, Leho, Ibanez and Eko.
If you are not yet able to choose, let us help our sales people, who will try to guide you in choosing the most suitable tool for you, based on your sound, quality and price needs.
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