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The semi-acoustic guitar is practically a mix between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. You get a good sound richness and nuances thanks to the tonal chambers, but maintain the attributes of solid body as a sustain, of the highest present and a greater acoustic in the sound picked up by the pick-ups. We have an amazing selection of semi-acoustic guitars here at tuttostrumentimusicali, ranging from semi-hollow versions of classic solid body models, to sleek and innovative guitars with sophisticated designs and ultra-modern electronics.

Modern semiacoustics are capable of a great variety of tones. Some have varitone or coil split control systems that allow you to manage your pickups in humbucking mode or to split the coils to switch to single-coil configuration or even have different frequency cuts on each pickup. From an electronic point of view, it's like having half a dozen guitars in one. With modern and vintage handle profiles, we also have something for every guitarist.

If you're looking for something a little bigger, with a closer connection to the golden era of rock music, take a look at our double cutaway and single-shoulder missing guitars. The tonal chambers of this size are almost as big as those of a completely empty version, but the solid construction of the central block improves the sustain and avoids annoying feedback deriving from the vibrations of the top on the pick-ups themselves. These guitars bring back to previous eras, but their rich tone and their playability will allow you to find your comfort zone within the wide range of genres and styles of sound they contemplate.

One of the typical sounds of the semi-hollow body guitar is the unmistakable sound of folk rock from the 60s. These great, flamboyant guitars had a striking appearance and a characteristic tone that drove musical scenes to date. Their characteristic sound, round but bright, is given by the combination of a tonal chamber in the upper half and the lower half compared to the solid central part of the body. But do not make the mistake of thinking that they are good for clean sound only. These guitars are also excellent with overdrive and crunch, for blues or fusion but also for rock'n'roll.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate in precision control and modern handle profiles, looking for surf sound or fantastic rockabilly sounds, here's a guitar that produces your sound and fits your hands and your idea of semi-acoustic sound. We have dozens of beautiful models with legendary names of guitars and new classics.
If you're interested in a semi-hollowbody but you're not quite sure how all the features and options fit to produce different tonal qualities, call us. Our sales engineers love talking in the store! We are well prepared for the features and sounds, styles and configurations of these guitars. If you have a sound in mind but you're not sure how to get there, we can help narrow your search to find a semi-hollowbody guitar with the tonal characteristics and playability you're looking for.
Have you always been fascinated by American bluesmen with those big, full-bodied guitar guitars? Celebrated the Back to the Future scene where Marty McFly takes up one of Gibson's semi-acoustic guitars and plays Johnny B Goode with a twist to impress everyone. These types of instruments have been developed to obtain a wider sound, able to be amplified and listened to by more and more numerous audiences, and to come out among the other instruments of the band. Thus allowing the guitar not to remain just a simple rhythmic instrument, but to become a protagonist of solos and to express all its potential.

Semi-acoustic used guitars
Do not forget to take a look also at our semi-acoustic guitars Used, controlled and set by our expert staff, and always covered by the guarantee of a full year. If you want to save money on new or looking for vintage models, you'll always have an eye on it. Models like an original Gibson ES-335 from 1976 or a Gretsch Country Gentleman Walnut from 1971 can be found. For all the information you can always contact Andrea from the department. You can buy with Zero Rate Loan or even in exchange for your used.
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