Hi Hat Cymbals

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If you are thinking of buying a Hi Hat or replacing what you have with a new one, you're in the right place!
tuttostrumentimusicali store offers you the chance to choose from a wide range of hi-hat dishes and give you the chance to donate to your drum kit the character you have always wanted.

What is hi hat?
At tuttostrumentimusicali store we have numerous hi-hat dishes, with different types, sizes and specifications. The hi hat are composed of two opposed plates, the "Bottom" and the Top "that are housed on a support called hi hat stand that controls the opening and the oscillation through a pedal mechanism, creating that famous accent" chick "Every time you hit it with the wand, but the sound is created by the type of the two plates.
There are pairs of hi hat that have diameters ranging from 10 "to 18", undoubtedly the most common are the 14 "which are the most balanced and versatile, but they are becoming more frequent the diameters of 15" or 16 "to be used in large stages or rock contexts, at the same time you choose dishes with reduced diameters (10 ", 12" or 13 ") as secondary hi hat and 18" hi hat for more particular musical genres such as Gospel, Country, Blues

What are the characteristics to consider?
Hi Hat, as we said before, consist of two plates the Bottom which is the bottom plate and the Top the top, usually the weight of the Bottom is higher than the Top and, depending on the thickness of these two dishes you can get more or less definition or halo in sound.
The sonic characteristics also vary if the finish of the plates is bright, traditional or non-turned, emphasizing the sound from the brightest or most firm, or the type of hammering and turning that is made.
There are also hybrid processes (partly bright and partly non-turned or traditional), in these cases it is possible to exploit the characteristics of the two processes guaranteeing a result of undoubted uniqueness .

Huge choice of Hi-Hat from the best brands: Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, Ufip, Istanbul, Pasha, Soultone, at discounted prices and provable in store.

If you are interested in having information or clarification concerning Hi Hat, before making your next purchase, contact us at 071-1234567 or write an email directly to drums@tuttostrumentimusicali.it, our staff will guide you in choosing the most suitable to your needs and will advise you the best dish for your music.
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