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There are many variables that determine the sound of your electric guitar: the technique, the instrument, the amplifier and the guitar strings. Maybe you're a new guitarist and you're still looking for your best sound! Do you know what? Electric guitar strings play a decisive role in both the sound and the playability of your instrument.
I'll tell you a little secret: without the right set of strings, the guitarist, the guitar and the amplifier will never reach the optimal sound. Underestimating the choice of electric guitar strings is a serious mistake, they play a very important role on the result of your sound and your way of playing.
It may happen that the sound of your guitar flattens out over time and that it appears less clear than the first few times or that the fingers of the hand scroll less ... so maybe it's the right time to change the guitar strings to your instrument.
Classical Guitar Strings
You have to change your first classical guitar strings and you do not know what to choose? it is very important to understand first and foremost the quality of the instrument in order to adjust the choice to the capacity of the guitar itself, to make the differences between the various types of classical guitar strings heard.
For economic guitars a set of medium quality ropes will be enough, like the D'Addario J27 or Pro Artè which have always been very good value for money and last a long time.
If instead you are an expert musician and you change the chords very often to get the most out of your performances, you will have to change the make and model and try different tensions of the many mute strings for classical guitar available, so that you can understand which one is right for you moment. Which best expresses the constructive qualities and the materials with which your precious instrument is built.
You can choose among prestigious brands such as Hannabach, Savarez, Augustine and let us advise you by our experts Andrea and Massimo.
Acoustic Guitar Strings
If you are fond of folk or country and blues sounds, you can not underestimate the importance of acoustic guitar strings for your final sound.
Surely the importance of the instrument, its construction quality and the wood of bands and bottom, will be highlighted by the excellent acoustic guitar strings.
For more traditional guitarists, strings like D'Addario, Ernie Ball or Martin are evergreen and offer in turn a multitude of models, scalings on which to range for new shades of sound.
For the purists or lovers of the most particular acoustic guitar strings, we have strings like Elixri, Cleartone, John Pearse, Galli strings and many others that have unique and particular characteristics.
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