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Are you looking for the guitar strap that's right for you? tuttostrumentimusicali store offers a wide range of guitar straps to choose your favorite from! We have them in various materials: leather, nylon, fabric, suede, faux leather and neoprene and are available in many colors and with various patterns and designs.
Let's talk about some key aspects to look for in a guitar strap.
Guitar Straps: types
Usually the guitar straps, while having to be reliable and robust should not weigh you down, so look for something light and practical. However, it must also be durable. The high quality shoulder bags last for years and do not easily tear or break.
Sturdiness of the hooks and the buckle and comfort are essential! There are guitar belts with soft pads to relieve the weight of particularly heavy guitars such as gibson les paul or those with back or shoulder problems. These give a cushion feeling so it is easier to play longer without feeling the strain on the spine or shoulder.
Your guitar strap should stay in place, but it must leave you free to move, especially when you play on stage. Make sure your belt is adjustable and fits the length you need. The length depends on you, but the width depends on your preferences and your guitar. We have guitar straps ranging from 2cm to 10cm in width. As a general rule, always remember that heavier tools require wider straps to distribute weight more evenly.
Guitar strap: Prices
As for the guitar strap, prices and quality can vary greatly in our range. The nylon shoulder straps are usually the cheapest, comfortable and light could sweat a bit 'as the only flaw. For longer life and better quality, they are sometimes equipped with leather or rubber terminals. In other cases, nylon is also combined with other materials such as neoprene, leather. Some famous brands in this field are Rockbag, Fender, Ernie Ball or Planet Waves.
Leather straps are wonderful in terms of strength and durability, but the guitar straps are higher priced because both the precious material and the workmanship have a lot to do. Some brands use leathers that age very well and become more comfortable over time. In addition, they are super easy to customize, so if you want to give your strap a unique and personal touch, you can give your creativity a boost. Top brands in leather shoulder bags are: Levy's, Perri
Even those in fabric, suede, faux leather and neoprene are popular among acoustic and electric guitarists.
With so many options, you may need some advice or guidance to choose the one that's right for you. Call us and talk to our managers Andrea and Massimo who will guide you, advise you and make you make the right choice for your style and your instrument. Call the nr. 0711234567 or send mail to
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