Rack Effect Processors

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Do you want to add amazing effects to your music? When it comes to playing the guitar, a pedal or effects processor is a standard equipment for people who want complete freedom of expression. There are three types of effect units: pedals, desktops, and rackmounts. The guitar rack effects are designed to be mounted on standard racks.
Looking for something for your studio? Rack guitar effects are often used in professional and home studios and are a good choice for stage equipment. When you buy guitar effects on racks, you can choose between units dedicated to a single effect and multi-effect units that offer you a range of effects and audio tweaks to choose from.
Is a vintage sound more your style? Some guitar rack effects are great for emulating the characteristics of speaker stacks and individual amplifiers. Do you want to mix some pre-recorded sounds? They can do it too. Search for rackmount guitar effects that can be connected to a computer or smartphone. These are made for musicians who play solo concerts or for those who play on the street.
The biggest advantage of rack guitar effects units is that most of them can be controlled via MIDI, providing total control with a single pressure on the board. Unlike pedals that can not easily be adjusted mid-song, rack guitar effects are easily accessible. Although they can be complex to configure, their freedom is more than compensated.
Rackmount units are usually the largest type of guitar effect, making them ideal for a studio. As a reference, a typical rack space unit measures 1.75 "tall by 19" wide. If you're always traveling, the roof racks may be more suitable. Remember to make sure that the effect for rack mounting matches the digital or analog connections of your guitar.
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