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Enhance your guitar with a single or, even better, with a new set of electric guitar pickups! The tuttostrumentimusicaliStore store has modified, customized and improved countless guitars, which is why we have an impressive collection of the most popular or most niche pickups the market offers.

There are several factors you should consider while looking for your ideal electric guitar pickup, the one for your favorite instrument.

Here's what you need to know about pick-ups before making your final choice:

The first thing you need to consider is adaptation. The pickups are available in different shapes and sizes, and a pickup designed for a type of electric guitar often does not fit a different type, unless you change the housing on the pickguard or even on the body having to intervene with a luthier to adapt the hole at the chosen pickup. The most common pick-ups are single coil (found on Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster model and similar guitars) and the humbucker or dual coil style (found on Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez, PRS and countless other models).

Gibson-style humbuckers tend to be twice as large as single-coil electric guitar pickups, but there are overlapping humbuckers designed for all single coil housings. There are many other styles of pickups in addition to the common dimensions of Strat and Les Paul, including the very famous lipstik in the neck position of theTelecaster, mini humbuckers and soap bars or P90, just to name a few. In any case, it is better to be sure to look for compatible size pickups before choosing one based on your preferred sound.

About tone, there are two types of basic pickups: single-coil and dual-coil or humbucker, and they do not sound anything the same way. Single coil pickups tend to be brighter, with a voice that cuts dense mixes. They range from the Tele more centered on the midrange and to the Strat tones from the classic twang sound to the slightly rough and aggressive sound of the legendary P90, basically single coil but with much bigger magnet and winding. Humbuckers, on the other hand, tend to be noisy and deep, with satisfying warmth. They are also much quieter than single-coils. Both types of electric guitar pickups are available in a wide range of voices, so you will find all kinds of specific options.

Do you want more flexibility from your pickups? Keep an eye on 4-pin humbuckers. The standard 2-pole humbuckers are limited to a single basic sound (in the same way as single-coil), but the 4-pole models can offer a further degree of flexibility because they allow to be split and therefore work both single and double winding.

With the right switching mechanisms, these dual coil electric guitar pickups can offer different voices, including the true single-coil tone. If you want help to understand how to do it, just give a call to your dedicated technician in the store: call tuttostrumentimusicaliStore at +39 071 1234567.

If you want to amplify your Acoustic Guitar for live performances or recording, we recommend an exceptional sounding acoustic guitar pickup. At tuttostrumentimusicali we have different types of these pickups, making sure we have the perfect one for you and your beloved acoustic guitar.

Many of the differences between the different types of pickups are reduced to positioning, aesthetics and complexity. Do you care if you can see the pickup on your guitar? Perhaps ease of use is more important. Do you want a basic pickup, or would you like an integrated preamplifier? What kind of guitar do you play? Keep these considerations in mind as you review tuttostrumentimusicali's purchase options.

Soundhole acoustic guitar pickups (to be put in the hole) are incredibly easy to install and uninstall. For people who want to use a pickup for many acoustic guitars, Soundhole pickups are the way to go. They are also less invasive for the instrument, allowing you to add one to your guitar without permanent changes.

Take a look at our selection of acoustic guitar pickups under the piezo saddle when your goal is to get large volumes. Their clear sound, reliability and ability to deliver high levels while minimizing feedback have made them an industry standard.

Or, if capturing a detailed answer to strings is crucial, pay close attention to some of the more boutique bouts of companies like LR Baggs, Schertler and Fishman. These pickups will make your natural harmonics crystalline. Fingerstylists and acoustic singers / songwriters gravitate around many of these projects for the naturalness of their sound.

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