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The multi-effect guitar pedals are pedal processors where you can find dozens of effects and features inside.
You are a beginner and want to buy your first guitar pedals, but you are full of doubts and do not know which ones to buy? Well, maybe what you need is just a multi-effect pedal board.
Within a multi-effect pedal board you can find dozens of pedal simulations. Usually overdrive sounds, distortion, fuzz and modulations like chorus, tremolo, flanger, reverb and delay are integrated.

You can customize your sound by changing the various settings of each individual effect, and create your favorite "chain".
The multi-effect pedals can be digital, with screens that allow you to change the names of individual presets or 100% analog. The latter are built as a single chassis with multiple analog pedals inside.

In recent years the technology has allowed to have multi-effect pedals with many features more than in previous years. You can find loops within them to record tracks to play on, or integrated software, thanks to which, by connecting with your PC with integrated USB sockets, you can save your sounds to your computer and edit them directly thanks to dedicated programs.
No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are multi-effects pedals for every need.

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More and more guitarists buy a multi-effect pedal board because of the affordable price and that are full of effects and emulation of amplifiers. A device of this type allows the beginner or amateur guitarist to experiment, without having to buy an infinite series of single pedals.

Experts and songwriters will also have many interesting features available: they will be able to quickly test some ideas for new pieces, but also practice riffs and solos. Finally, you can connect the multi-effect pedal board for guitar or a pair of headphones, or an audio interface or a mixer and get everything you need at a reduced cost and in a small space.
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