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Do you need to replace the valves on your guitar amplifier? tuttostrumentimusicali store offers you a wide range of preamplifiers, end or grinding valves to improve your current equipment or to replace obsolete ones. If you have the palate up to appreciate the tube sound compared to the transistor or to the digital, you must also learn to appreciate the nuances that differentiate the various valves according to the type, the construction quality or the brand. Many musicians prefer tube amplifiers for tone, saturation and their dynamic response, but to get the most out of your tube you need to adapt the right type of valve and the most suitable brand as well as having a perfect bias.

The preamp tubes (the small ones for the layman) have the greatest impact on tone and definition, so choosing the right ones is very important. Several preamp tubes can be equipped with various types of compression, harmonic saturation and equalization, so you have many options (12ax7a, 12ax7c, 12ax7r, etc.) each of which has different degrees of saturation and tonal nuances. They can be built in the USA, Russia or China.

Power valves, which actually produce the power to drive the speakers, are very specific to your amplifier. EL34s, 6V6, 6550 and EL84 are the most widespread. Each amplifier has its own type of final valve and only some of them can have different types of verses because they have auto-bias or require a bias and resistance regulation made by a specialized technician. So make sure you take the type of valve that is right for your rig. Every different type of final valve has its peculiarity: In general the 6L6 (typical of the Fender amplifiers) offer roundness and clarity. Are you looking for a nice, scratchy, medium-rich sound with powerful highs and tight bass? EL34 valves (historically mounted by Marshall amplifiers) would surely be the right choice for you.

Some tube amplifiers even use a valve for their rectifier circuit called Grinding Machine, adding a more responsive feel to the amplifier and more sound cleaning. All our rectifier tubes are powerful, smooth and resistant to feedback. So, if you want to refresh your amplifier and get the most out of it, especially for live performances, check out the various valves we have available on

If you have any questions or are looking for any information regarding the maintenance or replacement of your amp's valves, do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you get your ideal sound, so if you want to know what you can expect with one of the guitar tubes we carry, be it preamp, rectifier or power, call us at no. 0711234567 and ask for Andrea or Massimo or email us at

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