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Are you looking for the pure power and gain of an EVH 5150 III? Do you need the comfort, lightness and portability of an Orange Tiny Terror? Maybe you're in a cover band and you can not settle for less than the versatility of a Kemper Profiler Power Head. No matter where your tonal tastes fall, the experienced tuttostrumentimusicali store staff is eager to find the perfect electric guitar head for you at this moment of your musical journey.
If price or sound is your main concern, you must first decide how much and how much to invest for a large head. On the valve amp side, everything from the cheapest used transistor headers to the Friedman or Bogner products that are the Top you can choose is available. We have plenty of guitar heads available to you, even for the in-store test, and rest assured that we have the brands, the variety and the power levels you need right now.
Are you looking for a head that offers you a wide range of generic tones? Modern tests with solid-state and digital amp modeling offer the versatility you need. Amplifiers like the Orange or Fender series offer fantastic rock tones in a simple and compact box, while the Boss Waza Amps maintain the typical boutique tone of much higher price range amps.
Whether you're just starting your guitar trip or a professional musician, our Andrea and Massimo guitar specialists can guide you to the guitar head you need. After all, we are as enthusiastic as the customer when we have given a sincere and dispassionate advice, for an amp that lasts over time.
You can connect your top-of-the-line guitar to the most expensive boutique amplifier on the market. But unless you have a good set of backup speakers, your tone may be affected. In fact, guitar extension cabinets are an integral part of the overall sound of any other piece in your guitar chain. Whether it's four fifteen or ten, it's important to find a speaker cabinet that is both a good combination for your amp and a good one for your style.
Some of the most famous guitar cabinets in the tuttostrumentimusicali store feature vintage-inspired speakers that match the classic golden age sounds of guitar amplification. Whether it's the scratchy sound of a set of Greenbacks or the spanking of an Alnico Blue, these speakers offer their way of having for half a century. Guitar cabinets are often equipped with sophisticated features such as manual wiring and linings, tolex and grids almost identical to their vintage counterparts.
Looking for something more current? tuttostrumentimusicali store also offers modern and customized speaker options that mix features of different types of cones. Call your tuttostrumentimusicali Specialist for all the info you need, Andrea or Massimo will be happy to advise you based on their decades of experience in the field.
We have a wide range of speaker configurations to consider. Our 4x12 ", 2x12", 1x12 "or 1x10" options will appeal to all guitarists.
Light travel? tuttostrumentimusicali store offers speaker options with exceptional sound speakers but light and compact, with Neodymium cones for example and made with dense but light multi-layer woods. These can give new life to combo amplifiers like extension cab. The 4, 8 and 16 ohm options provide the right impedance matching for any amplifier.
If you perform or play mainly in small clubs, an open or semi-open case is a great choice as the sound will envelop you. This allows the sound to spread from both the front and back of the case. On the other hand, if you need a direct and pure projection, a closed behind or closed-back cabinet, it will focus your sound forward projecting it directly into your fans' belly. Some guitarists also combine open and closed speakers to get the best from the two universes.
Ask the department all the info you need on the amp headboard and guitar case. From tuttostrumentimusicali you can buy with installment payment at zero rate and in exchange for your used. Do not forget to take a look at our 1 year guaranteed products section, you may find the used guitar valve head you were looking for at an affordable price.
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