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Fog Machines

Are you ready to send a thick layer of fog that moves on your stage or a cascade of bubbles dancing on your audience? No matter how you hope to create the atmosphere in your shows, at the tuttostrumentimusicali store we strive to support your artistic vision of the stage and the show, with an exceptional selection of fog and bubble effects and related accessories.
If you simply want a pleasant and constant layer of fog across the stage, we bring a large selection of basic fog machines. These units are cheap but quite effective, with the ability to generate up to 3,000 cubic feet of luxurious fog every minute. Just set up one of our free fog machines on the back of the riser and enjoy them. Even our most basic models of smoke machines are equipped with fantastic features like the remote control. These basic fog or smoke machines are great fun, but if you want to take a step forward, check out our fog machines that include impressive advanced features like time release and water based solutions. . We also have units with industry-standard DMX control compatibility. This makes it possible to integrate the smoke machine with the existing DMX lighting effects system. Now you can create fog effects in your own custom lighting sequences, which are a welcome feature for theater applications.

Fog machines

The only thing more interesting than the fog, is the fog with the colors that affect it and this effect is given by the skilful combination of fog level machines and LED lights or lasers. You will love our combination of fog and unity of light. These are equipped with LED light arrays integrated into the housing. As the fog pours, you can have beams of colored light that flow in a variety of preset patterns. Activate fog and lights with manual activation, remote control or DMX options. I want more? Take a look at our packs of multi-pack packs for the deep misting of a large area like the entire dance floor. Our selection of fog machines also includes interesting variants such as ice machines without heating and dry ice.

Smoke Machines: Liquid

As for smoke or bubbles, our high-performance bubble machines will impress. For optimum effect, you will need to combine the right smoke machine with the right fog liquid. Discover our multi-rod units with smoke machine tanks: high capacity liquid will surprise you with yield and quality. You will fill the room with bubbles for hours and hours. You can set them on the floor or use the built-in mounting bracket to suspend it from the lighting hardware.
We have different types of liquid for fog machines and smoke machines that we will advise you based on your spending and result needs
Whether you're trying to figure out which smoke machines or fog machines have the specifics to adequately cover the entire area, or you wonder how many bubble solutions you need for your entire performance, do not hesitate to call our sales specialists. Tell us about your fog and your image objectives, and we'll focus on the perfect machine for your application.
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