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Electric Guitar

If you are looking to buy a new electric guitar, we will do our best Congratulations first! You are in the right place, whether you are browsing or decide to visit tuttostrumentimusicali store physically as we have hundreds of electric guitars ready to be tested or shipped. Whether you want the modern sound or prog of a solid body like Suhr, Schecter Music Man or Ibanez or that you seek the warm jazz tones of a semi-acoustic Gibson, Gretsch or Ibanez, tuttostrumentimusicali has a huge Electric park to choose the one you like from more or better suited to your needs. If you love blues or rock you can not do without the Fender Stratocaster or the Telecaster for more country nuances.
The guys of the guitars department are also among the most experienced that you can find in the sector and are ready, available and able to support you and help you find the perfect tool for you.
When you think of the electric guitar, you imagine the seductive lines of a solid body guitar, like the iconic Fender Stratocaster or Les Paul by Gibson. The latter is fantastic to have a long sustain, the ability to facilitate feedback with the most aggressive distortions and to reproduce those classic tones that are found in almost every musical genre. Since the first solidbody electric guitars were introduced in the 50s, their sound can be found in all the most famous pieces, starting from Elvis Presley to get to Jimi Hendrix, or from Led Zeppelin to Deep Purple, through the version of "Little Wing" by Stevie Ray Vaughan, to the sound of the more modern Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler or David Gilmour.
On the other hand, there are semi-acoustic or semi-hollow guitars, which are equally revolutionary. These were the first electric guitars in reality, and their warmer and sweeter tone made them more suited to musical genres like jazz and blues. Here you will find models like Gibson's ES-335, 175, L4 or L5 and Fender's Thinline Tele Deluxe and PRS Hollowbody, Ibanez Pat Metheny or George Benso and craft and boutique guitars.
Maybe your tastes are a bit 'more details or more oriented to the extreme Metal? Our range of electric guitars includes everything, 7 and 8 string guitars, and leading brands in the industry such as Schecter, Jackson and Ibanez. We also have baritone guitars. With their drop tuning or lower tunings you can get sounds from beyond the grave.
Differences between the main models of electric guitars
Solid body electric guitars, unlike semi-acoustic guitars, have a solid wood body and no resonance box inside. Among the Fender electric guitars the Stratocaster is perhaps the most famous model, preferred by artists like David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, just to name a few.
In most cases you will find six-string electric guitars, but it is not impossible to find seven, eight and up to 12 strings. To capture the sound of the vibrating strings, microphones are used, the pickups, which are generally two. One near the handle and one on the bridge. Single coil pickups create a bit of feedback by returning a vintage-toned sound. Humbucker pickups have the ability to erase this buzz, also called hum, and have a more powerful sound. They are ideal for supporting large distortions typical of metal, grunge, and alternative genres.
Sound and characteristics
The sound of electric guitars is obviously also characterized by construction materials. Linden and alder have a balanced and defined sound, mahogany has a darker and rounder sound. The ash remains a bit 'dug on medium frequencies but is great on high and to stand out among other instruments. Then the various combinations of woods on the body and on the handle allow each instrument to express its personality. Depending on your style there is certainly the right tool for you. The more the selection of woods is taken care of, the higher the prices will be.
Used electric guitars
From tuttostrumentimusicali you can find a lot of electric guitars on offer, Fender electric guitars, Epiphone, Ibanez, Gibson, PRS, Schecter and many other brands. We have a great selection of Fender Custom Shop. If you do not want to throw yourself on the new you can choose between our used electric guitars. You can buy with zero interest financing or trade in your used. You just have to choose your guitar and start playing.
No matter what style of music you play, there is a specially constructed electric guitar to give you the best tone and the best possible performance. From the Nashville twanger sound of a Tele to other more extreme options, we have electric guitars for all tastes.
Still doubts? Call one of our sales experts Andrea and Massimo. We will learn about your needs and make sure you have the perfect electric guitar.
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