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The possibilities of choice on drum sticks, today are endless and constantly growing. Fortunately, as a customer of the tuttostrumentimusicali store, you have access to specialized advice from our sales managers who are excellent buying guides as both Marco and Michele are drummers of twenty years experience. Feel free to call us or send us an email, we will help you find the drumsticks best suited to your needs.
The rods are identified by their length and diameter or, more commonly, by an alphanumeric code (5A). The lower the number, the greater the diameter. The higher the letter, the heavier the weight. 5As (diameter 0.550 "-0.585") are the standards of the drum set. For lighter and more intimate encounters, try something in the 7A range (0.510 "-0.540"). For heavy rock and metal, we recommend something heavier, preferably 5B (0.590 ") or 2B.
The hickory wood is the hardest and most durable and is the reference point for wooden sticks. Its weight and density give the hickory wand a level of balance and durability that most drummers will find comfortable enough. If you play a jazz or blues band, maybe you need lighter wands in your hand and softer on your skins, maple could be the right solution. If you are a great hitter, you may prefer the superior durability and projection typical of oak sticks. We also have the Ahead drumsticks for the heaviest drummers on the planet, made with lightweight aerospace aluminum cores to last at least 10 times the life of traditional wooden rods.
Wooden chopsticks are available with wooden or nylon tips. The wooden tips, known for their natural attack and the rich harmonics on the plates, are by far the standard. If you are a beginner drummer, our drummers Marco and Michele from the tuttostrumentimusicali staff will warmly recommend wooden tips for their high level of dynamic control. But if you do not mind sacrificing control for more volume, the glued nylon tips have a cleaner definition for a better sound projection, which is why they are often the choice of rockers playing in large audiences.
The rod sticks (Rute) ring and react similarly to wooden sticks, but they have a more polite response of the dishes and a warm, slapstick tone that drummers love. You can recognize them in numerous MTV Unplugged, one of them played by the legendary Dave Grohl of Nirvana.
Chopsticks with steel wires or Brushes and rods with felt knocker also called Mallets produce a round and pure sound on drums and orchestral shells on the plates. Try them for ambient music, indie rock and live cult settings when you want the presence of drums without a defined attack.
Brushes with plastic threads are the softest alternatives. These are best suited to jazz, ballad and folk music and they are responsible for the vortex of sound similar to a racing train that is heard on snare drums and cajons. The metal brushes have a more defined attachment (better for work on the plates), while the nylon brushes are more delicate and soft.
Do you play in an orchestra or a band? The chopsticks available here at tuttostrumentimusicali store are not limited to drum kits but can respond to many different musical needs.
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