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As any professional drummer can confirm, the most important thing after the drums of the drums and the plates, they are undoubtedly the mechanics, because no one would ever want to feel the sensation of a snare falling from his support during a concert or a Ride auction that is unstable as you record your studio album.
Fortunately, by purchasing at the tuttostrumentimusicali store, you are sure to get the best advice for the product that best suits your needs, our technicians have selected the highest quality of hardware available on the market guaranteeing the total reliability of the accessories for each price range .
A service that we are committed to offering on-line also by proposing specific estimates and detailed descriptions with various alternatives, which conclude with fast and safe shipments.
What is meant by Hardware?
They are all those rods, supports, clamps and accessories that are used to assemble the battery such as:
- Flat rods
- Snare support
- Hi hat auction
- Rack
- Supports to apply drum percussion
- Pedals
What differences are there between a flat and another auction?
The rods of the plates have all the same purpose, but not for this they are equal to each other, the main difference that is had on the flat rods is the type, that is:
- Straight rod
- Giraffe auction
The straight rods are those that give the possibility to adjust the height of the position of the plate according to the number of telescopic zones that compose it, while the giraffe rods also allow to move the position of the plate horizontally by means of a stem (in jargon "Giraffe").
Other substantial differences are the number of telescopic zones, which allows a better positioning of the plate.
Important is also the weight of the auction, if we have to keep the drums in the studio we will undoubtedly look for very sturdy rods, but if we are musicians in constant motion, we are forced to consider the lighter rods in order to facilitate transport .
All this is also valid for other mechanics such as snare stands, hi hat rods, etc.
The return to Vintage
In recent years, the fashion of Vintage has returned very much, with the request for auctions that are not bulky and with a striking retro look, for this reason, tuttostrumentimusicali store has a wide choice of hardware from the best brands that are very careful to combine technological perfection with design, such as DW, Pearl, Ludwig and TAMA.
For all those drummers who have the need to fit a particularly large and complicated Drum Kit, we suggest using the Racks, which allow you to put the memories on each piece that you are going to assemble and this guarantees to have the battery always mounted in the same way every date of the tour that will do.
Are you looking for a cheap and complete hardware pack?
We proceeded to select hardware packs that include everything needed to set up your kit, and are composed of:
1 hi hat auction
1 single chest pedal
1 snare stand
1 or 2 flat rods
To remove doubts from those who come across the choice of mechanics for the first time, we have selected brands like Mapex, Yamaha, Pearl or Gibraltar (just to name a few) who did this work for you!
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