DJ Headphones

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For most DJs, a solid pair of DJ headphones is absolutely necessary. Regardless of whether you prefer to wear your DJ headphones or hold them in your hand, with an ear or two, here at the tuttostrumentimusicali store you will find a range of DJ headphones to meet all your needs. Start by considering the current design of DJ headphones. Do you want to block all the external sound with a closed-back model or immerse yourself in an environment with an open-back or semi-open style? It's purely a matter of preference, but most DJs go with their headphones closed.
The next thing you will want to consider is if you want DJ headphones that fit the ear (circumaural) or ear (over-ear). DJs who wear headphones do so to block out external noise and opt for earphones, while most DJs that monitor with just one ear choose DJ headphones with earphones.
How many lows do you really need? If you use larger drivers, you will get an extended range of bass, but you can get too many positive things. Finding a set of DJ headphones that best suits your needs is a balancing process - making sure you get pretty low without losing highs and mids.
Some people worry if their DJ headphones will be powerful enough to overcome the loudness of the speakers. In general, it's not a big deal, but if you want to be absolutely sure, make sure the impedance of your DJ headphones matches your DJ mixer or your DJ console. Then there is the question of cable. A nice long cord gives you the freedom to move, but you may want something shorter to avoid being tangled. A replaceable cable would be even better because it is usually the most easily worn part of the headset.
Do you still have questions about choosing a good set of DJ headphones? Do not worry! Call tuttostrumentimusicali and ask for Marco C. from the audio and keyboard department. He is a true professional and will help you choose the best for you and your specific professional or amateur DJ needs.
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