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Digital Pianos

They are born as "substitutes" of the Acoustic Piano but to date the & nbsp; Digital Piano is an instrument in itself that lives its own life and has its own specific audience.

Basically the & nbsp; Digital pianos are used to have the sound of the classic acoustic piano available but in a digital version, but compared to the traditional instrument the digital pianos has a certain practicality of arrangement and use that should not be underestimated.

In particular the digital pianos does not need to redo the tuning from time to time, as any electronic instrument is subject to much less wear and does not require special care for a correct use that can guarantee good durability.

Another advantage of digital pianos is that you can use them without any volume problems: thanks to the headphone output or the volume of the adjustable speakers (if they are integrated) it is possible to play them at all hours of the day, even at night, without making any noise (except the noise of the key pressed of course).

Last but not the least advantage of the digital pianos lies in its portability: with the latest generation of sound systems coupled with increasingly advanced and realistic mechanics, digital pianos offer light solutions and transportable without going down to particular compromises.

Even the most demanding pianists are able to have the touch and the sound of an acoustic without dragging along tens and tens of pounds of weight and having to always have a piano tuner in tow.

From tuttostrumentimusicali you can get advice to choose among the models of leading brands in the sector such as Korg , Kawai , Roland , Yamaha , Casio , Kurzweil , North , and Alesis . Or Dexibell for Made in Italy.

What does the word digital piano mean? What is a digital plan? A digital piano is a type of 88-key electronic keyboard designed primarily as an alternative to the traditional piano, both in playing and in the sound produced. It is intended to provide an accurate simulation of an acoustic piano. Some digital pianos are also designed to look like an ordinary piano, both the piano and the grand piano. Digital pianos use synthesized emulation or samples of a real piano, which are then amplified through an internal speaker. Digital pianos have weighted or semi-weighted keys, which recreate the feeling of an acoustic piano.

The advantages of the Digital Pianos

Digital pianos cost much less than an acoustic piano and most models are much smaller and lighter than an acoustic piano. They take up little space and can be easily moved. Furthermore, it is not necessary to tune the digital pianos in fact their tuning can be easily varied with the transposing. Like other electronic musical instruments, digital pianos can be connected to a keyboard amplifier or PA system to produce a loud enough sound for a large room. Some digital pianos can also emulate other sounds besides the piano: the pipe organ, the electric piano, the Hammond organ and the harpsichord. Digital pianos are often used in music schools and music studios to replace traditional instruments. If you want to buy one I leave you the link of our site where you can find d

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