Cymbal Sets

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The preconfigured sets are a very convenient option for all drummers, especially for those who are beginners and must venture into the first purchases.
In the Pack you will find all the elements necessary to have a standard set of dishes (Ride, Hi Hat and Crash), you just need to decide which one suits you best based on the price, the brand that most fascinates you and the style music where you will go to use them and tuttostrumentimusicali can offer you all this by proposing set dishes of different companies like Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl etc.
The Basic Dishes Sets usually include dishes with diameters, weights and traditional dish types, so a pair of 14 "hi hat dishes, a 16" crash and a 22 "ride, if you look at the semi-level dishes professional you can choose the thickness and decide the diameter of the plates and very often there are kits with a second 18 "crash plate or a china in addition. In the case of professional kits there are specific configurations for the music genre where they will be used and, in some cases, even non-standard measures.
In this category you can also find the most particular Flat Sets such as the Zildjian Low Volume which are created to have a minimum volume and are particularly suitable for studying or for use in environments where it is necessary to have a minimum volume, or the Flat Sets Electroacoustics for those wishing to implement their traditional kit with electronic plates and triggers.
The specialists of tuttostrumentimusicali store will guide you to the purchase that best suits your needs and will help you to understand the various differences between a Set Piatti and the other giving you tips and advice tailored to you, thanks to their experience and professionalism .
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