Crash Cymbals

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Crash cymbals are a fundamental part of every drummer's instrumentation, creating those well-defined and sonorous accents. Here at the tuttostrumentimusicali store we have a huge variety of Crash to choose from: different sizes, different thicknesses and different alloys.
In terms of size, the most popular options are our 16 and 18 inch crash cymbals. The 18-inch Crash gives you a large, full-bodied sound that suits different genres. A 16-inch cymbal will have a slightly different sound, and if you use it with an 18-inch, it will create a very pleasant and soundly interesting contrast. Ideally, your cymbals configuration should have a bigger and more robust crash cymbal, from 17 "to 20" and a smaller one, ranging from 14 to 16 inches.
Often, for those approaching the drums, the wisest idea is to opt for a medium-thin 17-inch 17-inch crash, not too heavy, and then expand the configuration with some smaller and larger crash so to have all the nuances that are needed with the acquisition of the technical and musical maturity expected.
We have crash that offer a wide range of sounds, such as thick, crisp, dark and bright, and have various short, medium or long sustain decays. Think about the kind of sound that best fits your drums configuration, including all the other cymbals you might already have. If you are a rock musician, choose a crash with a larger diameter and a large, heavy accident. If you like jazz and blues the most, choose thinner crash with a wide dynamic range instead.
As for the weight of your crash, you can choose between extra-thin, thin, medium-thin, medium, heavy, heavy and extra-heavy cymbals. The size of the bell can be small, medium or large.
Our selection of crash cymbals has numerous finishes to choose from: traditional, bright, natural, rough, dark, sanded, polished or patinated bronze. Think about what would be the best solution with the rest of the drums, your personality and the kind of music you're playing.
Crash Cymbals will help you define your drum sound. We bring a selection of crash cymbals extensions. You're sure to find the perfect crash dish for you.
For any questions you may have, give a call to our industry specialists in the Drums and Percussion sales department: Marco and Michele. Our small but well-prepared support team is made up of expert drummers and fanatics of sound and nuances who will be more than happy to help you choose the best crash for your setup, technique and musical style.
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