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Classic guitars have become famous for their warm and soft sound due to nylon strings. For centuries they have been the favorite choice of many musicians, even the legendary liutatio Stradivari has made some models, one even dating back to 1679 is visible at the Violin Museum in Cremona. Many, from beginners to professionals, want to add one to their collection. As with acoustic guitars, the construction of classical guitars also includes an empty body, with a resonance box that amplifies the vibration of the strings. But the ropes are made of nylon and not metal. So the tension is less and this makes the strings softer to play, the body does not need a chain too strong and remains lighter.

Differences between models
Amplified classic guitars
Classic guitars used

Differences between the classical guitar models
In addition to their particular sound these instruments are also ideal for those who start playing. Musicians from all over the world use it both at home to practice or on stage or for their performances. They are ideal for study and a didactic approach to the instrument. The traditional standard shape is called 4/4, but smaller models are also available. For example the 3/4 are classic guitars to start suitable for those who, like children, still have too small hands to reach all the keys.
Amplified classic guitars

If you have to play on a stage and you need to get the sound to the sound system, there's no problem. There are models of amplified classical guitars that thanks to an internal pickup can be easily connected by cable to an amplifier or a mixer. You will thus have your classic sound available, but it will be possible to make it heard at large audiences, otherwise unattainable by the guitar alone.
Although we are used to having models from Spain, other countries also offer excellent products. Like the Takamine classical guitars that always respect tradition. The chaining and the shape of the body give a definite sound and a strong volume. The TH5C Hirade is part of the pro series, ie a series of handmade guitars, produced for over 50 years in Japan. They have a solid wood body that guarantees a warm sound and great dynamic range, the rosewood bottom an extraordinary precision. Included CTP-3 Cool Tube preamp system. Read more about the master violin-maker Hirade.

Classic guitars used
If you still have doubts you can ask Andrea or Massimo, specialists of the department. We remind you that from tuttostrumentimusicali are available also classic guitars used, checked and guaranteed for 1 year. You can pay with zero interest financing or trade in your used one.
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