Cellos - Double Basses

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If there is an instrument that exerts a strong, almost irresistible charm, it is precisely the double bass, the major of the family of stringed instruments, followed closely by his little brother, a cello which is instead halfway in the great family of the strings. In the common imaginary it is associated only with great classical orchestra music, but in reality today more than ever it is used in many other musical genres, such as jazz, swing, folk and in some cases even pop music.
Although aesthetically appears to be very similar to each other, each double bass has its own story. And consequently its own sound based on several factors that affect the final production of this instrument. Suffice it to say that by already changing the wood used for the soundboard you can have a different sound of the double bass, and also the hand that will build it will affect the final rendering of its sound and its playability.
Each part used for the construction of the double bass will be responsible for the final rendering of the sound, and of course its cost, leaving us the choice of purchase according to our needs. If you have to start playing it you can direct you to products of first band that will allow you to begin to know the instrument in its completeness and complexity.If you are already musicians already navigated and you want to improve the quality of your double bass you can direct you on the great German production tools or European in general with different prices and different qualities.
Similar history is that of the cello instrument, only the dimensions of the instrument change, but the discourse of quality and types remains the same for the double bass. So if you want to buy one of these tools choose from our online catalog, and if you have doubts or need help, do not hesitate to contact our sales staff, who will try to guide you in your choice!
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