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Nothing makes the sound of your bass sound like your pickups, and when it comes to editing your instrument, a new pair of bass pickups might be just what you need. tuttostrumentimusicalistore offers a wide range of bass pickups to find every sound you could wish for. If you want a passive single-coil for your P Bass or you prefer a set of active humbuckers for something less traditional, we can provide them. There's a lot to know about bass pickups, and these handy tips will make the choice extremely easy.

There are three important considerations to keep in mind when looking for spare bass pickups. Firstly, there is compatibility with your instrument, secondly, there is the choice between single-coil or humbucker, and thirdly, the choice between passive electronics or active electronics. Fortunately, everything is simply resolved, and no matter what kind of bass you play, tuttostrumentimusicalistore has many options to choose from.
Unless you feel comfortable modifying your bass pickups on your own, or if you want our guitar maker to do it for you, we recommend that you use bass pickups that already fit your instrument. The dimensions of the most common bass pickups are those of the Jazz Bass single coil, the Precision Bass single-coil split model and those of the dual-coil dual humbucker pickup. There are some others, including soap (soap) and mini humbucker, so we recommend paying close attention to the size of the pickup while you are looking for a replacement set.
One of the main choices when it comes to bass pickups is between single coils or humbuckers. It would be totally misleading to say that one type is better for certain musical styles than others, and while traditionalists may prefer single-coil pickups, it is possible to play any genre, from old-fashioned rock 'n' roll to modern metal, even with others pick up. So let's take a look at how these pickups sound.
Most single coil pickups offer a more open and organic sound. Compared to the humbuckers, their sound emphasizes the mid-frequencies, particularly when using the one closest to the bridge. Single coil bass pickups tend to be very dynamic, with complex harmonics, but you pay for it with greater sensitivity to noise and interference. A very popular combination of single coil pickups is a P Bass pickup at the neck and a low J pickup at the bridge, which offers an impressive range of tones.
The humbuckers are darker, more rounded and much less sensitive to noise and interference than single coil pickups. The most common type of double coil humbuckers is a side-by-side configuration, which requires a much wider mounting cavity than standard single coil pickups. That said, there are humbuckers that fit the P and J single coil sizes. Also, some humbuckers are wrapped to emulate single-coil sound, providing a lighter tone without the noise.
Next, there is the choice between active or passive electronics. In terms of pickups, passive ones are generally warmer and more dynamic than active ones. The advocates of passive bass prefer them for their clarity and complex harmonics. Active bass pickups have a more limited and focused sound, largely due to the higher gain. These battery-powered pickups are known for their punch, and many bass players who play tube amplifiers love what you can do using the latter.
The choice becomes a little more complicated when talking about active or passive equalization circuits, which often have nothing to do with bass pickups. Passive EQs cut frequencies only, while active equalizers can also increase them, providing a greater range of sounds. Our store can offer you all types of bass electronics, and offers you a selection of active and passive bass electronics. As for the pickups, you need to know in particular if you're looking for active or passive pickups, regardless of whether or not there's a battery compartment in the back of your bass.
It looks difficult? Not sure you want to change your bass? tuttostrumentimusicalistore is proud to offer such a wide range of bass electronics in stock and in prompt delivery for shipment, we are pleased to offer the services of a complete staff of luthiers and highly experienced technicians. Make a call to our sales person if you want to help you find an ideal set of new pickups for your instrument, or if you are interested in installing them in our store.
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