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Pick or not pick? A bit like saying: to be or not to be? This is the problem of many bassists. The truth is that bass, like the guitar on the other hand, is an instrument with many facets and interpretations, which you must explore and make yours. The use of the pick on some musical genres gives the sound of the bass something different, perhaps more scathing or aggressive, or simply more particularly suited to the arrangement that you are following.
So it's a matter of trying, even just to understand if it's for you or not, maybe starting with picks among the most used or recommended by experienced bassists of the genre, then deepen this technique and make it your own. It will be like having new words to add to your bassist vocabulary and increase the possibilities of expression on your instrument.
So look for us in the picks section and choose carefully those or those that do for you, and if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact by mail or by phone, our sales staff, who will be ready to listen to your needs !
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