Bass Pedals

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The bass is an incredibly versatile instrument. You can get many different sounds simply by changing the way you play. But once in a while you find yourself playing a song that seems to be missing something. Sometimes the difference between a decent melody and a really great song is a particular sound applied in the mix. And it is at this point that having bass effects at your disposal can make the difference. Whatever the sound you are looking for, it's time to explore the world of bass pedals. tuttostrumentimusicalistore offers you an incredible variety of pedals made by the best producers for the needs of any bass player.

See our selection. These pedals offer fantastic possibilities to work on sound, such as equalizers, compressors, distortions, modulation effects and environment, and many others.

Another important category of pedals are those dedicated to preamplification. They have become incredibly popular and for good reason: the range of tones they can generate is incredible. Try using them directly connected to your amp or by going directly into the mixer, perhaps via D.I. Thanks to the precision parametric equalization, combined with other filters, you can really shape your sound. Bass drivers with emulation of amplifiers and speakers complete the range of possibilities you can have.

Browse our wide selection of excellent distortions, overdrives, fuzz. Or chorus, delay and other. It seems almost impossible to play bass without a compressor or without a chain equalizer, especially if you mix genres in your repertoire and you need to quickly find the appropriate sound. You can choose between analog and digital, with true bypass and a variety of input and output options.

There is a large selection of bass pedals to choose from; it will be easy to discover new sounds that you will not want to live without! If you need help deciding, start by focusing on the type of effect you're looking for, and call our sales clerk if you need it. We are happy to talk with you about bass effects and to help you choose what suits your needs.
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