Bass Pedalboards

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One day we will arrive in a super-technological future where when we play our bass we can change the sound we want simply with the thought !! But until that moment we can only look for the easiest way to have as many sounds as possible in one practical solution! So what we need is a multi-effect pedal for bass, to choose between the best available brands and among the most important models.

Generally what you can find inside the multi effect pedal for bass are a quantity of sounds generally divided into two large sections, the real one of the effects, type of environment or modulation, and the one dedicated to the preamps, that is to the part that it allows us to work also on gain and bass equalization. Both sections allow us to modify the available parameters, at will, so we can create our sound making it unique and inimitable.

In some cases, some bass effect pedal boards are enhanced with more special sounds such as synth sounds. How can we forget the sound of bassists like those of bands like Skunk Anansie, Muse and many others? At the first note of bass characterize the piece with a unique sound that will remain impressed in the ears of the listener. So look for the particular sound that can blow up the arrangement and the song of your band!

Do not worry about the difficulty of using bass pedals, they are always provided with appropriate instruction manuals that will allow you to quickly and simply learn how to use the one you have chosen. And if you need it, our sales people will be ready to help you choose the best bass effect pedal for you and they will be ready to help you understand how to use it.

So do not wait any more time, choose from our proposals and make the sound of your bass unique and incredible! Each band will want to have you in their staff!
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