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The last thing you want is to damage your electric bass while you're around. Yet seeing a musician pull his bass out of the back seat of his car, without anything protecting delicate finishes and components, is not as rare as one might think. Even if you use the case provided with your instrument, you must know that many have very few protective parts. If yours is one of these, it's time to think about a well built and padded bass bag. We care about your bass almost as much as you, so we have a wide range of cases for any budget.

If you have a limited budget and you just need something to transport your bass from point A to point B, and you know that you are careful enough, we offer you a good selection of cheap gig bags. The internal padding on these varies typically from 10 mm to 20 mm, which is enough to prevent damage from most minor impacts and shocks. These bags are generally equipped with one or two pockets to store the instrument cable, shoulder strap, and other small accessories, resistant zippers and reinforced handles and straps. As a defense of the bass, for this requirement, they are a valid choice.

At the opposite end of the scale, we have extremely durable housings that rival and even outperform a hard case. With a maximum of one inch of internal padding, internal shock absorption materials, handle suspension systems and the pallet, these bags are like the same bassist who defends his instrument with his body. As you would expect, these cases come with sturdy, reinforced handles and heavy-duty hinges. Your back will be happy with the backpack-style padded shoulder straps. These electric bass bags keep your equipment dry with weather resistant coatings with waterproof materials. These beautiful bags have been rigorously tested and are produced with the latest instrument protection technologies. Many people actually prefer this type of enclosure because they are lighter and have also proven to be more functional against certain types of shocks.

When choosing your new electric bass bag, leave nothing to chance. Call us, tell us what kind of bass you have and what are your needs to protect it. Our sales people will review all options with you and answer all your questions about the qualities of aesthetics and protection. We're here to help you protect your bass with the perfect bag for your situation and budget.
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