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General Information on the Acoustic Drums: A drum set or drum kit is a set of several drums that form the musical drums, more commonly called the Acoustic Drum and are divided into: - Shell (Case, tom, Timpano) - Snare - Cymbals - Hardware Originally, what the drummer plays today, was played by different percussionist musicians, there were those who played the Bass Drum, who the Snare drum, who the Dishes etc., however, the rise of New Orleans jazz pushed drummers to develop methods that would allow a single drummer to do the work of more percussionists. Around 1894, Edward "Dee Dee" Chandler invented a wooden pedal so he could sit and play the bass drum with his foot while he was playing the snare with his wands. This technique was called "double drum". The drummers also began to use the other foot to keep time with a "low-boy" or "sock cymbal", the current hi hat to be clear. These drum sets were called "trap sets" and Warren "Baby" Dodds was one of the most important drummers of that era. Whether it's a battery for children, beginners or the professional drums you've always dreamed of, tuttostrumentimusicali store offers you a vast catalog of the most important world brands and with the configurations best suited to your needs with countless possibilities to choose between dimensions, finishes and types of woods. Development of the modern kit During the early 1900s, drummers began experimenting with the Pedal pedal technique. A first pedal was called "overhang pedal", widely used by ragtime and dixieland bands. In 1909, Ludwig & Ludwig Co. patented the first bass drum pedal system, which gave rise to the evolution of the modern drum kit. In the 1930s, jazz drummers played compact kits, usually four pieces with Cashier, Snare, Tom and Timpano, along with hi-hat, a crash plate and sometimes a Ride pot. In the 60s, the advent of rock music triggered a trend towards larger drum sets. Anatomy of a drum kit The drum sets contain three basic elements called: Bass Drum (or more commonly Cashier), Snare and Tom. The bass drum is the drum that emits the lowest tone in the whole, played by a pedal operated by the drummer's foot and is used to provide the basic pulse. The Snare, which is considered "the main voice of the battery" develops high / medium high frequencies and is characterized by the "Cordiera" that is located in the resonant part (low) of the drum that can be operated or not by the special tensioning machine. The snare is mounted on a stand between the drummer's knees. It provides a counterweight to the bass drum and can also be used to create stylistic accents. The tom-tom (tom short in which the Timpano or Floor Tom is included) are tuned to different tones in the range between medium and medium / low and are used for fills, solos and tonal colors. Drum kits can contain any number of tom. Cymbals A drum set would not be complete without the dishes. A basic configuration includes Ride, Crash and Charleston (also called Hi Hat). The flat ride is used more often to maintain a steady pace. The hi-hats, which are located on a pedal-controlled rod, perform a function similar to the Ride pot but with far superior possibilities of sound articulation. These two plates are often used to differentiate the moments of different emphasis of the song (for example Hi Hat on the verses and Ride on refrain), while the Crash plates create an explosive sound and are used to create accents. Other dishes, like Splash, China or EFX, are used to create effects and accents. Need a new acoustic drums for your next live or studio work? Do you want to replace your kit with one of the most professional level? On this page you will find a wide selection of drum kits from the most prestigious companies in the world: DW, Gretsch, Pearl, Sonor, Tama, Mapex, Sakae, DDrum, Peace; musical batteries made from the best woods, from maple to birch, from mahogany to bubinga, or fir, cherry, walnut, etc. You will find a staff prepared and attentive to meet all your needs, trying to meet your desire to get the sound you always had in mind, giving you valuable tips and technical information tailored to you.
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