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If you have chosen to play the electric bass, know that you are a chosen one. It was not you who chose it, but it was he who chose you. The electric bass is a noble instrument that acts as a link between the harmonic part and the rhythm part of a band. Perhaps among the instruments often less evident and less easy to hear for an inexperienced ear, but certainly of great impact, without which every arrangement would not turn. Also called guitar-bass, it is distinguished from the first by the number of strings, in this case 4 and for the thickness of the strings as well as the greater length of the handle. The electric bass can have many forms but the most famous and known are those of the Jazz Bass and Precision Bass of the Fender house, of the Stingray of the Music Man and of the 4003 series of Rickenbecker.
The bass line in the song Another One Bites the Dust remained in history. The touch of John Paul Jones is extremely recognizable. A signature model is dedicated to Jaco Pastorius.

Best 4 string Bass Guitar

You can find your 4-string electric bass among a multitude of shapes and colors available, but if you think that choosing one is difficult, do not be afraid, we at tuttostrumentimusicali are here to help you find the one that's right for you. You have the possibility to find your instrument among all those we have available, among the best brands on the market. For example, the best electric bass for many is the Fender, be it Jazz or Precision, while for many others the best electric bass is the Music Man or Warwick type, and others prefer instruments with an all-Japanese precision like Ibanez or Yamaha. We will also advise you on the purchase based on the indications you give us, whether you are a professional or a novice enthusiast.

Used Bass Guitars

In addition to the new we also sell the used bass guitars that could be for you. For each model we are concerned every time to carefully describe its conditions and to photograph in detail all the possible defects. All to allow you to view it almost as if you were here in store with us and decide for yourself if it can be the opportunity you are looking for. Look at all the 4 stringed electric bass we have and let us know how we can help you choose and buy.
Every electric bass used that we sell, as well as enjoying the 12-month tuttostrumentimusicali warranty, is submitted to the general control and revision by our bass expert Claudio.
It is available, also for your used electric bass, a convenient installment payment with zero rate financing and you can trade in your used to take other products.

Electric Bass Prices

Do you really want to buy a new Electric Bass? Prices and special conditions always await you in our store. New tools in promotional offer, Ex-Demo products or B-Stock in perfect condition but exposed or tested in fairs and showrooms, used electric basses guaranteed and overhauled at exceptional prices. The only thing you do not have to worry about when choosing an electric bass? Prices and offers are on the agenda here at tuttostrumentimusicali store.
Possibility of extensions at discounted rates and use of discount coupons both online and in store.

Fender 4 strings Bass Guitars

To start the path that will lead you to play your bass always keep in mind your style and the kind of music that you prefer. But you can also choose according to the characteristics of the instrument: type and number of pickups, the wood used for the keyboard or the handle, passive or active electronics, and other features of the electric bass that can make the difference to the sound you have ahead. For example, the new Fender American Professional Precision have a "Deep C" shaped profile handle like those of '63, while the Jazz Basses use a smoother "Modern C" profile to run faster. If the eye wants its part, we do not neglect aesthetics. As for the color of the body, of the palette, a classic or particular form.
Ask the bass department specialist for any additional information you want. The bass that's right for you is waiting for you, do not let it wait again!

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